Our goal is to ensure the legal protection and tax optimization of your personal projects.

We deal in a wide range of areas, such as the purchase or sale of a real estate asset, financing, property assessment, the reorganization of your property holdings, including placing them in appropriate legal entities.


  • Purchase or sale of real estate/sales of buildings to be constructed
  • Creation of non-trading companies
  • Real estate loans
  • Management of rental assets
  • Property assessment
  • Auction sales of real estate
  • Sub-division into condominium units

    In order to facilitate the creation of your file, please note the following list of documents and information which may be requested for a real estate transaction:

    • Property title deeds
    • The sale of moveable goods, item by item (if applicable).
    • The real estate inspection files, with express identification of concerned units.
    • Evaluation of natural risks and those related to mines and other man-made risks
    • Building rulebook and description of property subdivisions, and any documents in your possession modifying these
    • Minutes of the annual co-owners meeting for the past three years, as well as those for the current year if it has taken place
    • The most recent building charge invoice
    • The most recent property tax notice

    Other information to provide for the completion of your file

    – In the context of an asset in a condominium, confirmation that there was no annexation of a common building area, construction work affecting a load-bearing wall, the outside building surface or a common area (such as wastewater connections related to work on a kitchen, WC or bathroom)
    – For every type of building, confirmation that there has been no renovation work of the building’s exterior (roof, refurbishing of external walls, construction of an addition) or construction of additional surface area (conversion of attic space or garage, creation of a mezzanine)
    – For every type of building make clear if the property has been rented. If applicable, send us a copy of the lease, the notice to quit which has been given to the tenant, the most recent rent receipt, and if possible an evaluation report of the property on the tenant’s departure.
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